Why Integrate?

Systems Integration is the process of linking together different software applications or computing systems to act as a well coordinated cohesive solution. Often the benefits of a software application cannot be fully realised unless the application is appropriately integrated into existing systems and processes of the business. More adversely, a software solution may be hampered by being isolated from data it needs, limiting the business value of the system even though it may be operational.

Partner for Success

LayerX offers systems integration solutions and services for custom applications, service oriented architecture (SOA) projects, application development, system testing and validation. With LayerX as your partner you will enjoy stronger business results, your business will be able to respond more rapidly to market changes and transform your IT services.

Have you just acquired a new business and need to integrate the information systems? We will work with you to understand the business processes that result in the creation of data, and then determine the information flow required to get this data where it is needed in a timely manner.

Are you are adopting a new software solution for a specific business process? Have you considered how this software will interact with your existing software solutions such as your accounting, ordering, warehousing or job management systems?

We have a real passion for understanding business processes and how they might benefit from smart technologies. Partner with LayerX on your next Systems Integration project and get the results you need.

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